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Frequently Asked Questions

Western Horse Saddles

When shopping for the best Western Horse Saddles for sale, customers typically take into account several key factors. Head on over to our blog for a deep dive on horse saddles or start here with a crash course on what to consider when buying a new or used Western Horse Saddle.

Horse Measurement:

Understanding how to measure a horse for a Western Saddle is crucial. This involves assessing the width of the gullet, the shape of the tree, and the length of the saddle. Whether you have a high-withered horse or a wide horse, our selection of Western Horse Saddles caters to all horse shapes and sizes. Discover what western horse saddle size for your needs here.

Saddle Fitting:

Equally important is knowing how to fit a Western Saddle to a horse. The ideal saddle should fit the horse perfectly, causing no discomfort or harm. Our range includes saddles with semi quarter horse bars and quarter horse bars, ensuring a perfect fit for every horse. Here are the 6 essential steps to for a proper western saddle fitting.

Quality of Materials:

Western Horse Saddles should be crafted from high-quality, durable materials that can endure the demands of Western riding. This typically means a saddle made from top-grade leather. Our collection includes Western Horse Saddle brands known for their quality and budget. You can read hundreds of reviews from our customers here.

Saddle Placement:

Knowing how to saddle a horse Western style is key to ensuring rider and horse comfort. Here are the 6 essential steps to for a proper western saddle fitting.

Design and Aesthetics:

While not as critical as the other factors, many riders also appreciate the design and aesthetics of the saddle. This can include the color of the leather, any tooling or decorations on the saddle, and the overall look of the saddle. Our range caters to all aesthetic preferences.


Price is always a factor. How much should a saddle cost? Western Horse Saddles can vary in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. It's important to balance cost with the other factors listed above. Whether you're looking for new or used saddles, we have options to fit every budget.

Saddle Features:

Certain features like a deep seat for better balance, a high cantle for security, a horn for gripping, and roughout fenders and jockeys for better grip are often considered. Our collection includes saddles with these features, ensuring you find the best Western Horse Saddle for your needs. You can find out more about all the different types of Western Horse Saddles in this blog post.

Saddle Pads and Accessories:

Don't forget about your saddle pad! We offer Western Horse Saddle Pads designed to provide maximum comfort for your horse during Western riding. Choose from our selection of Show Saddle Pads Western to complete your purchase We also offer Western Leather Horse Saddle Bags and other Western Horse Saddle Accessories to enhance your riding experience.

Saddle Parts:

Understanding the parts of a Western Horse Saddle can help you make an informed purchase. Our blog provides a detailed breakdown of Western Horse Saddle parts, helping you understand the function and importance of each component.

Explore our collection today to find the perfect Western Horse Saddle for you and your horse.