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This company sucks

The customer service sucks! Don’t buy anything from this store! They will just ignore you

Don’t buy anything from this company

The customer service is so bad! If you have any problems with your order, they will not help you or answer your emails.

charles baggett
Horse's sprained ankle

DMSO helps reduce swelling of sprained ankles and bruises on horses, and stone bruise on hoof . Thanks for offering your product.

Slow Feed Hay Feeder Ball

I bought the hay feeder ball for my mini donkeys partially to give them something interesting to do and also to get rid of their fear of balls. Where they came from, there were no toys so they’re terrified of everything except hay, water, dirt, people and other mini donkeys. This has definitely helped!

Paint already chipping

The color is so perfect!!! I love it but the paint is so crappy that it is already peeling off just from shipping. I will sadly be sending them back

Slow Feed Hay Feeder Ball
Priscilla McPheeters
Hay Ball

These are hey Bob, hey balls!!! they are very sturdy and hold a good amount of hay!

Embroidered black felt saddle pad

This pad is of very good quality and is beautiful!

Terrible customer service

I was sent the wrong orders week ago. I never received my chap bags. I have tried contacting the seller and nothing has been resolved. I am very disappointed with this store and will not be purchasing from them again.

27" x 18" Howdy Steer Welcome mat

Don’t purchase

Fenders made out of a cardboard like feel with fabric glued to it that wrinkles and comes apart from the fabric. Seat is very uncomfortable and I still have yet heard from them since I asked to return it same day as received over a week ago

#9156: Small Decorative Saddle

#175961: Showman ® 22 Caliber Medium oil tooled leather Western gun holster and belt

Great Quality!

My son absolutely loves this set! It is well made! Definitely high quality!

Five Bridle Rack
Jeff owen
Fuck off !!!

Fuck off !!!

Too tight

The slits are not big enough and make it almost impossible to get on. I would never buy from this company again there is no live person to talk to. I have emailed, texted, left messages no response. Horrible company

Too small

Tried several times to contact for return info and have not received any response

This is a Pony size

This is a Pony size. I have tried to reach out to Texan saddles 3 different times but have had no response . Measurements taken from wide on both sides add up

Too heavy

Unfortunately this mat was too heavy for my need. Waiting for company to respond to me…It’s been a couple of days; no response. So frustrating!

No response from the customer service department

The small chaps are huge! Will cost more than I paid for them to be cut down to size.

My horse loves it

Since the weather hasn't been able to get a lot of turnout time. This is one of the toys I love to add to their stalls to give them mentally stimulating time and also helps them move around.

Racing Power Bat 27"
Laura Clancy

Racing Power Bat 27"

Great product

Ordered for a friend & he loved it. Fit perfect, great detail on the leather. He even liked how it had a custom cover for storage if needed. Price was great also & was received in a timely manner. Highly recommend this company & product.

Love it!

My wife loves the quality and colors!

O ring

Is thicker through the center but I like the product