Magnetic Horse Sheet - Equestrian Magnetic Therapy Mesh Sheet
Magnetic Horse Sheet - Equestrian Magnetic Therapy Mesh Sheet
Magnetic Horse Sheet - Equestrian Magnetic Therapy Mesh Sheet
32555: Showman ® magnetic therapy mesh sheet Turnout Sheet Showman
Magnetic Horse Sheet - Equestrian Magnetic Therapy Mesh Sheet
Magnetic Horse Sheet - Equestrian Magnetic Therapy Mesh Sheet
Magnetic Horse Sheet - Equestrian Magnetic Therapy Mesh Sheet
Magnetic Horse Sheet - Equestrian Magnetic Therapy Mesh Sheet
Magnetic Horse Sheet - Equestrian Magnetic Therapy Mesh Sheet
Magnetic Horse Sheet - Equestrian Magnetic Therapy Mesh Sheet

Magnetic Horse Sheet - Equestrian Magnetic Therapy Mesh Sheet

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Showman ® magnetic horse mesh sheet therapy. Made of lightweight mesh with a double buckle open front, surcingle belly strap, and adjustable back leg straps to hold the sheet in place.

82 magnets are strategically placed and sewn into the neoprene casing to aid your horse. Magnets are bi-polar with 800-900 Gaus. 

Magnetic therapy relieves pain and inflammation, increases blood flow to support healing, decreases fluid retention, and helps fight infection. It aids in the relief of soreness and tight muscles.


  • Horse Size (67 - 68 inches) Sheet Size 68 inches
  • Horse Size (69 - 70 inches)  Sheet Size 70 inches
  • Horse Size (71 - 72 inches) Sheet Size 72 inches
  • Horse Size (73 - 74 inches)  Sheet Size 74 inches
  • Horse Size (75 - 76 inches)  Sheet Size 76 inches
  • Horse Size (77 - 78 inches)  Sheet Size 78 inches
  • Horse Size (79 - 80 inches)  Sheet Size 80 inches
  • Horse Size (81 - 82 inches)  Sheet Size 82 inches

Precautions: Always consult a veterinarian for medical advice. Not to be used while exercising or unsupervised. Start with short 20-minute intervals and gradually increase time. Do not exceed 8 hours of continuous use. Do not use over untreated infection or in combination with heating agents or liniments. do not use if there are signs of hemorrhages. 

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Why magnetic therapy


Pain Relief

Experience significant relief from conditions like arthritis and muscle tension, backed by studies and customer testimonials.

Improved Circulation

Enhanced blood flow leads to faster healing and improved overall health for your equine friend.

Stress Reduction

The calming effect of magnetic therapy is ideal for high-stress situations like competitions or travel.

Energy Boost

Improved circulation often leads to increased energy levels, making your horse more active and lively.

Quick Recovery

Aid in your horse's post-exercise recovery, reducing downtime between training sessions.

How It's Believed to Work

The Science

Improved Blood Flow: Magnets are thought to attract the iron in red blood cells, leading to improved circulation. Better blood flow can help with the healing process and reduce inflammation.

Pain Relief: The magnetic fields may interfere with the nerve impulses that signal pain, providing a form of natural pain relief.

Cellular Activity: Some proponents believe that magnetic therapy can stimulate cellular activity, leading to faster healing and regeneration.

Relaxation: The therapy is also thought to help relax muscle fibers, which can relieve tension and improve mobility.

The Argument Against


Limited Studies: While there are some studies that suggest magnetic therapy can be effective for certain conditions, the body of evidence is not yet robust enough to make definitive claims.

Placebo Effect: Skeptics argue that any benefits are likely due to the placebo effect, where the belief in the treatment's effectiveness is enough to cause improvement.

Varying Results: Some horses may respond well to the treatment, while others show no improvement, making it difficult to establish a clear scientific consensus.

Safety: Generally considered safe when used properly, but it's always best to consult with a veterinarian, especially if your horse has any pre-existing conditions or is pregnant.

Customer Reviews

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Lindsey Spencer
Feel good purchase

I have no idea if this works but I’m believing it does and therefore it’s worth the purchase to help make my horse feel better. I now have two and I use them after a hard work out and while traveling. Light weight and cool while in the trailer in addition to the health benefits it provides. Great price and quality from this site.


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